Our Approach

To date, no fuel company in the country or in the world has committed direct fossil fuel profits to
carbon reduction programmes. Carb43 wants to do this in a viable way, where the planet is the
biggest beneficiary.

The Team

Elcio Dias Jr.


Founder of Carb43. Enterprise Challenge 2020 winner (London-UK). Sr Petroleum Engineer. Master of Arts in International Business

Cintia Cassa Libardi

Head of Technology

Co-founder of Carb43. Sr Petroleum Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur. Expert in new technology appliances in the Oil & Gas industry

Pedro Junior Zucatelli

Head of R&D (CO2)

Co-founder of Carb43. Doctor in Environmental Engineering. Master in CO2 Engineering. Researcher and lecturer

Walter Luiz Rigotti

Sr. Advisor

Chemical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in
fuel (and biofuels) production, refining and distribution sectors, having worked at Ipiranga PetrĂ³leo
S.A and Infinity Bio-energy S.A.